The Pope’s Wednesday Audience: How does the Bible describe God?

Each Wednesday, thousands flock either to St. Peter’s Square or Pope Paul VI Hall (depending on the weather) for what is called the Pope’s general audience.  At this gathering the Holy Father will usually give a short talk, or catechesis, on a matter of faith.  Quite often, these talks are part of a larger series focused on a particular matter of faith, morals, or doctrine.  For example, early in the pontificate of Blessed Pope John Paul II, his Wednesday audience talks were part of a larger teaching, which today is heralded as the Theology of the Body, God’s design for human sexuality.

At today’s General Audience, the Pope continued his catechesis on the Creed, and specifically discussed the Bible’s description of God.  If you’re ever been curious as to how Pope Benedict XVI sounds when he speaks in English, check out the clip below!