Got a smartphone? Get the Pope App!

From Catholic News Service:

The Pope has a new App-titude

The Vatican launched a new “Pope App” on the even of the release of the pope’s World Communications Day message, which will be dedicated to social networks as important spaces for evangelization.

The new app provides live streaming of papal events and video feeds from the Vatican’s six webcams.  It sends out alerts and links to top stories coming out of the Vatican’s many news outlets as well as posts images and quotes from Pope Benedict XVI. The app is still in the 1.0 stage, so as updated versions come out, there will be a search function for archived media and links will eventually be share-able online.

The “Pope App” went live today [January 23] for iPhone and iPad [search “Pope App” in the App Store].

Well, we had to see what this was all about!  Liz downloaded the app on her iPhone this morning.

Here’s the homepage:


And the Pope’s calendar of events:

photo (2)

And his most recent writings:

photo (1)Liz hasn’t had much time to explore the app, but she likes what she sees so far.

iPhone users – you can search for “Pope App”
in the App Store and it’s the third choice that comes up! (P.S. It’s free!)

Fear not Android users – an Android-compatible app is in the works!

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