Pope Benedict’s childhood letter to the Infant Jesus

From Catholic News Agency:

A letter written to the Infant Jesus by Pope Benedict XVI when he was a boy was recently on display during Advent in the village of Marktl Am Inn in Bavaria, where the Holy Father was born.

The letter reads:

Dear Baby Jesus, quickly come down to earth.  You will bring joy to children.  Also bring me joy.

I would like a Volks-Schott (a Mass prayers book), green clothing for Mass (clerical clothing) and a heart of Jesus.  I will always be good.

Greetings from Joseph Ratzinger.

Pope BXVI as a boyPope Benedict XVI as a boy

The letter was recently found during a renovation of a house occupied by Joseph Ratzinger when he was a professor in Regensburg.  According to the Pope’s former secretary, now-Archbishop George Gaenswein, “the Pope was very glad to find the letter and its contents made them smile.

Why not ask God the Father to bless our Holy Father (and all of us) with a heart of Jesus today and always?

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